Why shipping containers?

When shipping containers were originally created, they were designed with modularity in mind.  Originally they were built to withstand all kinds of abuse as they journey through some of the world’s harshest climates and must deliver goods to their destinations unharmed. They are made of corten steel to protect itself from any corrosion or rust and have a strong steel frame. Containers are designed to resist moisture, salty waters and extremely low temperatures. Their modularity is perfectly suitable for the production of living houses.

A prefabricated shipping container makes the construction process much more easier and efficient as ever before. Why spend months if you can have a house just in a few weeks? We can build a small single unit house as well as big multi-storey building. We can deliver and install the house on your land plot and you can move it to another location later if you like.

Module houses are not a new thing. Generally, when thinking of module house, the first impression that people often get is low quality, poor insulation and low comfort. But we offer you something completely different – a modern, durable, highly resistant and fashionable home. There are many building and design opportunities, starting with a tiny house, small family home, holiday home, guest house up to multi-storey rental building with a spacious planning. We use wood, metal, glass and many other high quality materials for the exterior and interior finish of our houses. After our professional touch, the shipping containers transform into sophisticated and modern homes.

We are very proud of our solution to create our beautiful homes from shipping containers. Due to their standardized size, it makes it easy to deliver our homes to any location with a ship or truck.