DOMINO homes are made from recycled shipping containers.

Why? Because shipping containers are designed to carry heavy loads, stacked in columns, resist harsh environments – weather and resistant to salt corrosion etc.  They can withstand practically any extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.  Securely anchored, containers can take winds up to 280 kilometers per hour. You can also rest assured that it will never collapse during an earthquake. By far, they make for the safest storm shelters.

A house made from shipping container is resilient to animals or pests because of its thick floor and strong metal walls and roof. 

House made from shipping container will last much longer than 100 years!



Uw = 0,155 W/(m2K) / Rw = 6.45


Uw = 0,112 W/(m2K) / Rw = 8.9


Uw = 0,108 W/(m2K) / Rw = 9.26


Airtightness is important for avoiding heat loss as it means less uncontrolled air movement in and out of the building. Less heat loss also means your heating system will work more efficiently, thereby reducing heating bills and energy wastage. It also contributes to maintaining thermal comfort (ie. insulating better in winter and reducing overheating in the summer).

It can improve health by preventing substances that can provoke allergies being carried into the building via air leakage, and can also result in better sound insulation within the home.

Building durability is also enhanced through airtightness by preventing damage caused by moisture-laden cold air leaking into the building envelope and condensing.

In conjunction with a properly designed ventilation system, airtightness will eliminate damp and mould growth in the building fabric and vastly improve indoor air quality.

DOMINO homes are built according to passive house principles by standard. Windows are taped from inside and outside and wooden chipboard on walls, floor and ceiling makes great airtightness layer of the building. 


Customize your DOMINO home according to your style and the environment, and choose the exterior finishes you want for your house. Different type of cladding is possible, such as wood, fiber cement panels or stone facade tiles. Wood siding can be larch or pine thermowood. As standard we offer Siberian larch in combination with Cembrit Patina fibre cement panels.

Siberian larch treated with protective oil.

Cembrit Patina fibre cement cladding panels. Different color options available.

REHAU SYNEGO profile with triple glazing windows, Uw = 0.82 W/(m2K)

Energy efficient outdoors. Different color options available. 


The structure of the DOMINO house is delivered equipped with an internal lining of particle board on the floor (22mm), walls and ceiling (12mm). This internal lining has different functions: provides air-tightness of a building and allows any type of finishes and hooks to be added.
For walls and ceilings we offer pine board cladding or painted wall boards.

Lights – built in LED spot lights

Ceiling finish (option nr.1) – natural white waxed pine board cladding

Ceiling finish (option nr.2) – Huntonit ceiling panels made from natural wood fibre with no additive substances

Wall finish – Forestia Walls-2-Paint high quality particle boards painted with washable paint

Bathroom – Fibo Trespo high quality, 100% waterproof bathroom wall panels in shower area

Bathroom floor – porcelain stoneware tiles with marble effect

High quality internal doors made from natural wood

Flooring – natural oak parquet in living area


DOMINO homes are equiped with infrared/ceramic heating panels and underfloor heating in the bathrooms. Room temperature can be set individually in each room.  As option, we offer air-to-air heatpump which can save up to 60% on heating costs and also cool your house in hot summer days.

HYBRO 375W infrared/ceramic heating panels 

Underfloor heating in bathrooms

Mitsubishi Hero air-to-air heatpump for heating in winter and cooling in summer (optional)


Good ventilation protects you, your family and your guests from unpleasant odors, irritating pollutants and potentially dangerous gases like CO2 and radon. It also prevents the growth of fungus and molds in your home and keeps it protected from allergies and breathing issues. 

Ventilation system with heat recovery provides fresh filtered air into a building whilst retaining most of the energy that has already been used in heating the building.

Mitsubishi Lossnay V-50 decentrelized ventilation system with heat recovery (Domino D1.2)

PAX EOS 100H centralized ventilation system with heat recovery (Domino D1.1, D2.1)

PassiveHouse certified ventilation system Paul Climos ECO 200F with heat recovery (Domino D3, M3, M4, M5))


DOMINO homes are equipped with modern IKEA kitchen and bathroom furniture with soft close drawers. Bedroom and front entry wardrobes are compatible with IKEA “PAX” accessories.