Generate your own electricity from solar panels

Store the excess energy in the battery

Use your electricity when you need it

Smart SOLAR package will allow you to generate your own solar electricity and store it in the battery for later use in the evening and throughout the night. By using this technology you will reduce your energy bills by at least 60%!



When the sun comes up in the morning, the first solar power of the day is produced. So you can make your coffee from power you have generated yourself, for example. If you don’t have enough power to do this, you can draw more from your battery or the grid.


When all occupants have left the house in the morning, the power not needed in the household is fed to the battery and saved there for the evening.


At midday when a lot of solar power is being produced, the excess power, which can neither be used nor stored, is fed (sold) into the public power grid. 


In the afternoon when a lot of power is being consumed, the increased demand can be covered by the power generated on your own roof, and at the same time by the power stored in your battery, fully automatically, without you having to do anything. 


Only at night when no solar power can be produced and if the battery is empty does electricity need to be drawn from the public grid.


Example consumption of electric appliances:

  • LED TV switched ON for 6 hours (0.06kW * 6h) = 0.36kWh
  • LED lights total 100W  for 6 hours  (0.1kW * 6h) = 0.6kW
  • A+++ fridge/freezer running 12 hours = 0.22kWh
  • Washing machine A+++ (1 washing cycle @+40C) = 0.64kWh
  • Dishwashing A+++ (1 washing cycle) = 0.85kWh
  • Ironing (2kw) for 10min = 0.34kWh
  • Electric kettle (2.2kw) for 10min = 0.37kWh
  • Cooking for 30min (1.85kW) = 0.93kWh

Total: 4.31kWh