Domino Apartments

made from shipping containers and timber frame construction


High Energy Efficiency

We can achieve any U/R-values you need to comply with high energy efficiency standards in your country.

As option, houses can be manufactured according to passive house standards!


modern DEsign

We use only high quality and durable interior finishing and facade materials of your choice.

You will never tell it’s made from shipping containers!


as large as you need

The total size of an apartment building is up to you. You can combine floor plans of individual apartments side by side making more than 20 apartments in one building in one, two or three floors. Or you can have only one or two apartments.


key ready in less than 5 days

The modules are prefabricated in our factory including kitchen and bathroom. After delivery modules will be installed on site in just one day. When it’s done our installation team will finish the interior and exterior within 2-5 days.



Modules can be shipped with “MEGA” type tent semitrailer truck. In this case we will deliver insulated timber frame floor, wall and roof panels in seperate truck. This type of transport is much more economical compared to flatbad trucks delivering oversized modules.  



Domino homes are made from shipping containers wrapped in insulated timber frame constructions which eliminates any risk of futher rust of steel.  Our houses are air-tight therefore we can be assured extremely long service life of over 100-200 years. 


Low cost foundations

Modules can be installed on screwpiles or concrete blocks. No need to make expensive concrete plate foundations as we deliver modules with insulated floor.


investment property

DOMINO apartments are great for long-term and short-term rental business. For example, AirBnB.  Apartments can be used for holiday rentals or rented long-term to students or people looking for affordable living space. 

Domino apartments can also be offered as rental office space.  


looking for distributors worldwide

We are expanding our distribution network and are looking for new sales partners worldwide for our modular apartment homes.