We offer modern, extremely energy efficient, modular houses made from used shipping containers. The exceptional design of DOMINO homes means quality materials and efficient use of space in every model that we build. Our homes are accurately designed to offer an indoor-outdoor living experience wherever you choose to place your home.

Our strengths include in-depth engineering knowledge and experience in  Passive houses building technology as well as flexibility and good customer relations.

 We use only high quality and environmentally friendly building materials that will last for decades. 

Houses are delivered ‘key ready’ in 2-3 months and installed on site in just 1-3 working days.

DOMINO home is simply a living space. It can be used as a family home, student housing, office space, guest house, granny suite, budget hotel,  multi-unit apartment complex etc.

We have our own manufacturing factory in Latvia.  We offer fast delivery and meet deadlines, while keeping the costs down. We offer our services to private home buyers, developers, construction companies and other business clients.