We offer modern, extremely energy efficient, modular houses made from used shipping containers. The exceptional design of DOMINO homes means quality materials and efficient use of space in every model that we build. Our homes are accurately designed to offer an indoor outdoor living experience wherever you choose to place your home.

Our expertise in Passive House construction ensures high energy efficiency and low heating costs in all DOMINO homes. We use only high quality interior and exterior building materials that will last for decades. Houses are delivered ‘key ready’ in 2-3 months and installed on site in just 1-3 working days.

DOMINO home is simply a living space. It can be used as a family home, student housing, office space, guest house, granny suite, budget hotel,  multi-unit apartment complex etc.


DOMINO homes runs 100% on electricity and are solar ready. Homes can be fitted with solar panels to be Zero energy, which means on an annual basis the home will produce more energy than it uses. All our homes have been designed with an envelope that exceeds your local energy code requirement and add a high-efficient heating ad cooling system, including an air to air heat pump for heating/cooling and an ventilation system with heat recovery for fresh air as a standard.

ordering domino home is easy – We manufacture, deliver and install it, move in ready

Zero energy home

DOMINO homes are regular grid-tied homes that are so air-tight, well insulated, and energy efficient that they produce as much renewable energy as they consume over the course of a year, leaving the occupants with a net zero energy bill, and a carbon-free home.

Increased energy efficiency

DOMINO homes are built according to the Passive House construction standards. These are houses with very high energy efficiency, in which a comfortable indoor climate can be maintained without active heating or cooling systems.

Well-being and comfort

Exceptional thermal insulation and excellent building air-tightness protects a house from the risk of accumulation of moisture, mold and condensation.

Green construction

DOMINO homes are designed to use as much natural material as possible in the construction process. Houses are built from recycled shipping containers with high-quality wood and is heat-insulated with natural cellulose insulation material.



single-unit, 27m2 living area

  • tiny house
  • student apartment
  • guest house
  • holiday home



double-unit, 13m2 x 2 living area

  • student apartments
  • guest house
  • camping  cabin




single-unit, 2bed, 1bath,  55m2 living area

  • single family home
  • holiday home




single-unit, 3bed, 1bath, 80m2 living area

  • single family home




single-unit, 3bed, 2 bath, 80m2 living area

  • single family home




single-unit, 3bed/4bed, 2 bath, 110m2 living area

  • single family home




single-unit, 3bed/4bed, 2 bath, 135m2 living area

  • single family home




 DOMINO homes can be adapted to your preference by changing any of our internal or external finishing materials, so you can create the home that suits you best.